Royal Yacht Britannia

7 May 2010, Friday
Woke up feeling really good. We are travelling to Edinburgh today (by train) to do some sightseeing on a tour bus (website – around the city.
We are also going to see the Royal Yacht Britannia (website –

This is an audio tour which is a must in order to fully take in all you see. It took almost 2 hours to see the whole yacht and that included taking an early afternoon tea in the tea room. Very nice setting and very opulent!

My back held up okay and I did not have sore feet.You start at the bridge and work your way down all the decks. Each area is explained and it is quite something to appreciate how many people are involved in running a yacht of this size which by the way it decommissioned. The Queen no longer has a yacht anymore and that is a pity.

Video 01 Video 02 Video 03 Video 04 Video 05