Hello and welcome to my website. I used to be a web designer. In 2017 I decided that it was not for me to continue down that path. I have other interests and want to pursue them not the least being travel and writing about the places I have been to. I have a wicked sense of humour which is reflected in my writings when I travel. Do I have your attention? Good! Read on.

I also have an active interest in family trees and if you want to get in touch with me then use the “Contact Page.”

Oh the need for a post script!

The name of the website seems to attract the unwanted attention of other web designers who contact me (on my mobile phone number) and ask to speak to the person or the business owner. Despite my best efforts to explain that I am no longer in the business of web design it seems that I am being offered services I do not require or need. I have to laugh about this because it reflects the desperation of some businesses (Indian accents are most prominent in the frequent contacts) to promote their particular set of skills.

I keep reminding these people to read the front page. The explanation should be sufficient. Don’t try and make contact to conduct business.