Ken and Sandra Bird’s B’Day 2019

The venue was 1 Robin Court, Singleton, the home of Ken and Sandra Bird. Ken turned 70 on 6 Dec and Sandra 79 on 5 Dec. The party for around 60 guests was held on Sat, 7 Dec. 

The menu consisted of three meat dishes prepared by Rumps Butchers in Meadow Springs. Salads were prepared by Sandra and by Jo and John Sadler. Sweets consisted of a cake from the bakery in the Singleton Shopping Centre; gulab jamun made by Andrea Delamotte and oodles of ice cream (especially for the kids).

The party was a success largely because of the energy that Sandra put into the arrangements and the people that stepped up to assist.  Pat Smith arranged for the wine and the cake. Pat is very generous (Ken is Pat Smith’s favourite brother-in-law).

Andrea Delamotte wanted to do something special for Ken (her brother) and she made 120 gulab jamun sweets which were a perfect addition to the cake and to the ice cream.

Aileen Manderson assisted Sandra in the preparation of the salads. Several of the guests stepped up to process the dishes and to keep the dishwasher going. Guests could make their own coffee and tea.

Drinks were available in the form of beer, red wine, white wine and soft drinks. Party Hire supplied tables, chairs, table cloths and an urn for the occasion.