3 May 2010, Monday
Woke up this morning feeling a little depressed! I think I am worried about the network card. I am also feeling the effects of the cold and sore throat. I am getting better but my mood is not. Have to buck up as my attitude will spoil the holiday. Sandra is a prick (oops! I meant to say „brick‟) and holds up well despite the little problems. The dongle does not work in the hotel room. I did not expect that it would.

The trip across the top of Scotland is something that one should not miss. The scenery is spectacular and is so different with every new turn in the road. You cannot drive fast as the road winds and is often a single track (there are passing areas). Sandra had never seen so many mountains and did not imagine it as it was.

Stayed overnight at the Royal Hotel in Ullapool (website – http://ullapoolhotel.co.uk/). Very expensive room! There is a picture of it in the home page (it looks out over a balcony and the bloke has his back to the window). We ate in the pub and caused the barmaid all sorts of problems by asking for wine (in a bottle) and for the bottle to be placed in an ice bucket. Surprise, surprise! Sandra was a little piggy and had two different types of seafood – small yabbies and salmon. She was sick all night.

We took photos of the scenery at Ullapool.

celtic leather shop ullapoolShopping in the High Street of Ullapool included a visit to Celtic Leather and Crafts where we bought two handcrafted leather shoulderbags celtic leather shoulderbag(one for Sandra and one for Linda). I had to look away when I saw what we paid for them. There is a bit of a story to these leather bags. When we got back to Perth, Australia, Sandra forgot to declare the bags because they were leather. I gelled when I was looking at the custom declarations and we were lucky that customs did not pay us any heed that night. We were simply waved through.