2 May 2010, Sunday
We are leaving on the Pentland ferry today at 12 noon back to Scotland. Have to be at the ferry terminal before 11.30am. Broadband in the hotel is out. The dongle does not work in the lounge (where the hotel broadband does work). Bugger!

Still have the cold (getting better – funny how it spoils everything) and a sore throat. I remarked to some people we met at dinner 2 nights ago that this was the first time I had a cold since I retired in 2005.

Weigh Inn, ThursoStayed overnight at the Weigh Inn Hotel in Thurso ( and also fuelled the car. Why is it that the further north we go in Scotland the rooms are more expensive? The room is supposedly the honeymoon suite – has a Jacuzzi. Quite large but the proximity to the road means we hear all the cars travelling on the highway. Cannot say if the position is ideal! In any event if one were on a honeymoon, the concentration would not be on the sound of the cars. The room was really nice and large. Got a good sleep.

Thurso Bar RestaurantBreakfast was also good in an area that has glass as walls and also on the roof. Bit like a conservatory. Broadband is not available in this hotel despite the steep room price tag. Give this one a miss. If they are going to charge like wounded bulls, they can at least provide a decent broadband service.

Brian Martin called last night. Good to hear from him. He will be leaving from Tuesday morning (in one week) and I would like to get back to Avonbridge to spend some time with him. I think we can manage that provided that Sandra does not want to spend a lot of time sightseeing the countryside of Scotland.

3 May 2010, Monday
Woke up this morning feeling a little depressed! I think I am worried about the network card. I am also feeling the effects of the cold and sore throat. I am getting better but my mood is not. Have to buck up as my attitude will spoil the holiday. Sandra is a prick (oops! I meant to say „brick‟) and holds up well despite the little problems. The dongle does not work in the hotel room. I did not expect that it would.

The trip across the top of Scotland is something that one should not miss. The scenery is spectacular and is so different with every new turn in the road. You cannot drive fast as the road winds and is often a single track (there are passing areas). Sandra had never seen so many mountains and did not imagine it as it was.