Stirling Castle

22 April 2010, Thursday
Stirling Castle (see video) – the heritage pass we bought meant that entry was free. Lunch was beckoning and given the cold, anything hot and substantial was the necessary requirement –

On returning to the castle, we joined a tour to visit Argyll’s Lodging (see page for this with accompanying videos) – very informative and full of information – the guides really know their stuff – I met a couple from Sydney whilst at Argyll’s Lodging.

I reflected that Stirling castle provides a better guide service than Edinburgh castle. This may be a bit harsh but when we were at Edinburgh castle there were no guides in evidence – instead they relied on an audio thingamajig which is in several languages and calls up a commentary (they supply headphones as well) depending on what number you enter in the thingamajig.

Stirling castle is worth seeing. In the picture is the gatehouse. There is a parking area to the left of screen and is less of a problem for old buggers like me to walk up to the entrance. The staff are very friendly and go to considerable lengths to assist you. Being from Australia is a bonus. The Scots love to talk about their own travel experiences to Aus or their wishes to go there.

The great hall (right) is very imposing and is linked to the palace (left) which is currently under renovation. We had a look at the tapestries (see video) that will go into the palace when it is ready to receive furniture (in about one year). You can see the great hall in the top right hand corner of the palace image. These images do not do the castle justice. Again you will have to wait for Sandra’s pictures.

Sandra’s great uncle (Duncan Finlayson) served as a pipe Major with the Argyll and Southern Highlanders. They found his records and gave Sandra a copy. Regrettably, they did not have a picture of him. He also served in India in the 1800’s.