13 April 2010, Tuesday
Gary Noel took us to Perth airport from 6pm, the beginning of 26 hours of travelling (although I was not to know that). Having e-tickets and confirming the registration ensured that the luggage was processed smoothly.  They did not even weigh the backpack and just waved it through. The laptop was not weighed and went on as cabin baggage. The downside of having to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight is the waiting. Emirates do offer a later check in 90 minutes before departure. Will have to use that to avoid the long wait! The airport lounge filled quickly and we passed the time with coffee/cake at the Dome café. Customs waved us through as their checks are random. We must have looked safe. The flight left at 10.30pm and I was quite excited about getting on the plane. Travelled Perth to Dubai overnight – very difficult sleeping when sitting up. Travelling in economy is a bit of a squeeze. Great entertainment screens and huge choice of movies, music etc. Did not read the book I brought with me for the flight. Food was good and Emirates looked after us.