North West of Western Australia – Rainbow Jungle

Rainbow Jungle
Rainbow Jungle is unique and is Australia’s most beautiful parrot habitat – situated 3.5 kms from Kalbarri township on the Red Bluff Road.  This tourist attraction has over 300 tonnes of local tumblagooda sandstone used in the construction.  Everywhere in the complex are shaded walkways and brick paving with waterfalls, running streams, fountains, water lily ponds and fish. At every turn, we saw something different. 

Sculptured gargoyles, stained glass windows, hundreds of palm trees, ferns and tropical plants.  Parrots of every colour of the rainbow, the magnificent Eclectus Parrot valued at over $4000.00 native to Australia; the exquisite Sun Conure from South America valued at $8000.00; Red Tail Black Cockatoos, Gang Gangs and Purple crowned Lorikeets.  Dozens of varieties of Australia’s most beautiful parrots are kept in large enclosures.  Rainbow jungle is a must for photographers. 


Construction of this facility started at the end of 1984 and the first section was open to the public from September 1986.  Since then, 3 more sections have been built.  The owners have done all of the work themselves.  The last section was completed in Feb 1991.  There are photographs on a notice board showing the various stages of construction.  You get a much better appreciation of the complex when you climb the tower and have a look around. The four of us spent hours looking at all of the birds.  If you wanted to, you could spend all day here, enjoy an afternoon tea, or an ice cream or bring your meat and have a bar-b-cue. Definitely worth a visit and we will be visiting this place again when we next come to Kalbarri.