28 April 2010, Wednesday
Sandra persuaded me to stay in Inverness for one more day and night. I went down to breakfast and started to feel a bit better. I wanted to walk for a bit, see if I was up to it. I was and enjoyed the long walk which culminated in going to a chemist and getting some more stuff to keep the dreaded lurgie at bay.

We visited the coastal town of Nairn (website – after lunch – bought ice cream. I drove – for the first time since we left the Martin‟s. Sandra must be very tired but she soldiers on. We got fuel and I added some air to the tyres on the Renault.

As I write this, I am feeling much better. The nasal spray and the tablets are working. What is really interesting is the fact that I am eating less. I have really lost any appetite for larger meals. I still love wine though. Sandra says that my jowls are less noticeable and that I am looking better. Any improvement is a bonus at this age of my life.