Hexham Abbey

18 May 2010, Tuesday
We drove into Carlisle (it felt strange crossing the border into England) and had trouble finding the information place. There were no signs on the road coming into the City to show the way to finding an information office. We found parking and then went for a walk. The street signs are not great and when I asked two locals which street I was walking along, neither seemed to know.

When in doubt ask a shopkeeper. We were directed to the mall and lo and behold there it was out of sight and easy to find if you were walking in the middle of the CBD. Hello! There are supposed to be signs for weary travellers pointing to the information place. In this case – none. Time to lift your game fellas! After consulting with information we decided to travel to Hexham in Northumberland. The idea is to stay at a hotel (Best Western, Hexham, Northumberland – 90 pounds per night – great room – lousy under cover and off street parking).

We arrived here around 2pm and after a drink took off for the roman ruin (fort called Chesters). We are staying one more night and looking to do some more visits to the forts and Hadrian’s Wall in the direction towards Carlisle. I think that will do it as we need to move on (Thursday) towards York. Perhaps Thursday and Friday in York and then a dash to Bath on Saturday. Perhaps Sunday and Monday in Bath with a visit built in to The Noel’s who leave near Barry in Wales.

We must make tracks for Darlington on Tuesday, 25 May 2010 to arrive in time for tea with Janice and Ken Harwood and Janice’s Dad (Alan Hodgson). It seems Wednesday has been set aside by Janice for some sightseeing followed by Alan’s 88th birthday tea at a pub. We have to set off on Thursday, 27 May 2010 for Avonbridge, Scotland. I just realised something as I am writing this. Sandra will change her mind and the best laid plans (you know the rest). 

19 May 2010, Wednesday

We are going to stay in Hexham today and see more of the Hadrian’s Wall. The wi-fi in the hotel was longer an abnormal amount of time to connect to sites. Tried the dongle – all 5 bars available – works very well and fast. We visited the Abbey in Hexham later in the day and spent a long time there. Sandra was allowed to take photos. I spent a lot of the time looking at the construction. Website – http://www.hexhamabbey.org.uk/. Enjoy the images.