21 April 2010, Wednesday
Went into Falkirk this morning and visited the retailer that sold me the hands-free Bluetooth. Managed to get it working. Hope it stays that way.

Then travelled into Edinburgh by train. Great travel and quite inexpensive for 4 persons (just under £15). Australia could learn a lot about train seating layout and travel. People sit facing each other four to a space with a small table in-between. A person travelling could read, write something or just look at a newspaper/magazine whilst travelling in seats that are similar in shape to aircraft seats.

Visited Edinburgh castle. Walked up the hill(s) from the railway station and was puffing and blowing by the time I got there. I quipped to Sandra that I could imagine men in armour walking up to the castle to begin the battle. They would be buggered by the time they got there.

The people are friendly and the girl who sold us the entry tickets was no exception. She suggested we spent a bit more (£57) and get free entry to all the other castles in Scotland. Given that entry was £13 each to Edinburgh castle, spending £57 was good value.

We got to Edinburgh castle in time for the 12 noon gun salute. Very impressive! You will have to wait for the movie images that Sandra took to see the salute. Lots of pomp and ceremony! The salute was followed by the Pipers marching band.

Of course I needed the toilet. The sign pointed somewhere and I could not find it. Instead I found lots of places where men were kept before being executed. Got out of there in a hurry.

Had to go the café and thank goodness – they have toilets – but stairs – bloody stairs – everywhere you go.

I found it amusing to see a corporal make his authority felt with the guards on duty. From time to time, the corporal took pleasure (it seemed that way to me) to walk up to this guard (who is required to stand very still with his rifle at port) and give him a right bollocking. I don’t think that the guards are allowed to talk to visitors. I was not about to risk it in case they arrested me or something.

My back was giving trouble and I needed to sit down and take a couple of pain killers. It is impossible to see the castle in one day. You just need heaps of time.

We left, met the Martins and had a light lunch at the Haggis Cafe.