17 May 2010, Monday

We are currently in Dumfries, Cairndale Hotel and Leisure Club. Website – http://www.cairndalehotel.co.uk/.  Guests can use the Jacuzzi. I left my bathers in Avonbridge. Oh well, it is time to go commando! The room at the hotel (you are looking at it on the second level) is very nice and has wi-fi. The room is commensurate with the cost of nearly 90 pounds for bed and breakfast.

 We walked around the town centre of Dumfries and Sandra took some photos to send to Linda (has some special memory for her). There is a distinct lack of sit down eating places in the town centre. Some are very seedy. We elected to eat at the hotel.

Dumfries is the biggest town in south west Scotland and is one of the places where Sandra used to do her shopping when living in Mossdale.

Dumfries has a very interesting history. It was in the Church of the Grey Friars that on 10 February 1306, Robert the Bruce murdered a rival for the Scottish crown, John III Comyn, “the Red Comyn”. Robert the Bruce was excommunicated as a result, less for the murder than for its location, but nonetheless went on to become King of Scotland. Notice the statue of Robert Burns, sculpted in Italy in 1882. Burns spent the last years of his life in Dumfries, dying here in 1796. The statue is just one of a series of associations with Scotland’s most famous poet to be found in the town.