Betty’s 91st Birthday (Afternoon Tea at Adventist Residential Care)

Betty had an afternoon tea in the lounge of the Sherwin wing, Adventist Residential Care on Sunday 30 September 2018. The image on the left shows Kelly Marlow and Andrea Delamotte taking control of the table and the food to be served. Others are watching a photo slideshow prepared by Andrea especially for Mum. Andrea is distributing thumb drives of the slideshow to relatives she has had contact with. Stan MacDonald decided to celebrate the Eagles winning the 2018 AFL Grand Final with the wearing of his shirt.
Sandra made shortbread which was appreciated by everyone there. It did not last long. Andrea made heaps of sandwiches and also bought the cake. Others were assisting Kelly and Andrea to distribute drinks (coffee and tea), sandwiches and a slice of cake. As per usual there was lots of food left over.

The images below were provided by Jimmy Anderson. He has captured the spirit of our family celebrating another birthday.

Ken was asked to make a speech (he loves to talk) and off the cuff delivered a speech celebrating Betty’s birthday. Everyone clapped out of politeness (Ken is writing this so he is taking the mickey out of himself). Perfect day to celebrate Mum’s 91st birthday and acknowledge a win by the West Coast Eagles. To all the Dockers supporters out there, take note, it is currently 4 zip.
Tookie MacDonald, Rita Anderson and Blanche Faries Mum with Roxanna Wonderful chocolate cake supplied by Andrea and Lionel Top Row – Kelly Marlow, Gillian Theobald and Anna

Bottom Row – Tookie, Rita and Blanche

Andrea and Lionel
Jimmy Anderson, Blanche, Mum, Stan and Colleen Britto Stan , Ken with Lew and Colleen Britto Brett Bird, John Marlow, Abbey and Lila Marlow Andrea, Bianca Bird and Flavia Bird Geoff and Joan Frost, Cherene and Peter Lavender, Ken, Andrea and Mum