22 April 2010, Thursday
Got away OK with Sandra driving. It has been 30 odd years since Sandra was here last and some of the roads were not familiar. No matter! We had a sat nav. Got us to Stirling without too many problems.

First stop was the Bannockburn Visitors Centre –,en,SCH1/objectId,SIG48321Svs,curr,GBP,season,at1,selectedEntry,home/home.html

Took a photo of ourselves here. It is said that Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, raised his standard in this vicinity during that historic battle which was fought over 2 days against the English. The heritage centre is full of information and well worth the visit. A small amount of the information is related to William Wallace (Mel Gibson has a lot to answer for). The result of the centre is very good – the audio visual of the battle is very informative and for the first time (for me) provided an insight into the tactics used by Robert the Bruce. It is implied that the Templars may have been instrumental in providing the tactical and training necessary for this particular battle.