Born Kenneth Llewllyn Bruce Bird on 6 December 1949 in Coonoor, Nilgiri Hills, South India, to parents Rex and Elizabeth Bird. Ken has put together a file (pictures) on his life. Turn up your sound or use headphones. The music is Ken's favourite artist.

Growing up in India was a big adventure and it provided a boyhood experience not to be missed. Ken lived in India for 12 years before moving to Perth, Western Australia (arrived 11 February 1963) when he was 13 years old.

Ken attended Doveton Corrie Boys High School (Madras) and Baldwin Boys High School (Bangalore).

In Western Australia, he attended Perth Modern Senior High School from 1963 to 1967.

In 1968, he commenced employment with the Bank of New South Wales, working as a ledger examiner, junior general hand and bank teller before resigning to join the State Public service in 1970.

Ken started as a Clerk with the (then) State Housing Commission before gaining his first promotion as a Wages Clerk with the Forests Department. Two years in that agency saw him return to the State Housing Commission as a Human Resources Officer. Promotion followed as a Staff Clerk in (year) until the lure of further promotion beckoned.

Ken was promoted to the Department of Industrial Development and Commerce (year) where he gained many of his skills as a Secretary of Committees. These were the heady days of the North West shelf development in Western Australia.

Ken received a further promotion to the Treasury Department and then moved to the Prisons Department as an Assistant Manager. This was his longest tenure in one agency.

Ken transferred to the Education Department in 1994 and worked temporarily for the WA Electoral Commission and the Curriculum Council on secondment.

Ken was seconded in 1999 to the WA Electoral Commission and was subsequently promoted to manage the local government elections section.

He is currently employed at the same agency but works as Senior Project Officer Training.

Ken has several academic qualifications. His first was a Diploma in Accounting in (year). He completed a Bachelor Business (Marketing) in (year) at Curtin University, Western Australia. This was followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Business (Human Resource Strand) at the same University in (year). He recently qualified as a trainer completing Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Ken married Maureen Rhonda Shaw on 3 April 1971 (Perth, Western Australia) and has two children from that marriage, Brett Jeffrey Bird (born 23 November 1973) and Kelly Janine Bird (born
7 March 1976).

Ken and Maureen were divorced in 1985.

In 1986, Ken met Alexandria (Sandra) Cameron Miller, a widow. They started to live together in 1989 in Gosnells, Western Australia. They married on
25 January 2004 in Singleton, Western Australia. There are no children from that marriage. Sandra has two children of her own (Linda McLeod Etherington (nee Miller), born 24 November 1969 and Andrew Laird Miller, born 20 May 1972).

Ken is thinking of retiring from the State Public sector, so that he can spend more time with Sandra and indulge his passions, in particular, the writing of this book.

Sandra is and continues to be the enduring love in Ken’s life.