Why did I set out to build this website?

I had this idea many years ago and started to collect information about my family including photographs. When I thought about how to present this information, printing a book (or several) was an option but became impractical because of the cost. Burning the contents to a DVD was also an option but was discarded. A website seemed the best idea and when I tried to do this, I found that I did not have the necessary skills.

In 2007, I was contacted by Marilyn Ranford from Peel Tafe in Mandurah and she asked me if I would like to consider taking two of her classes in the first semester of 2008 in web scripting and web design. The timing was right and with some trepidation, I started the course. Little did I realise how consuming this would be with the result that I am now re-energised and posses sufficient skills to attempt to build this website called "A Village in India."

Why the title? What does it mean?

Quite simply, it refers to the village of Pallavaram (the banner is the hill that is synonymous with this village) near Chennai (previously Madras) in South India. It is the village where I lived with my parents and siblings until 1963, when we travelled to Australia to begin a new life. The village is my link not only to my past but also to my relatives many of whom are now living in Australia. This website will tell a story of different families and their history through words and images.

Much of the historical information would not have been possible were it not for the efforts of my brother (Milton Bird) who started the research on our family tree which quickly grew to include other families including the Mansfield's and the MacDonald's. My uncle Reg Mansfield was the United Kingdom link and he working with my brother made possible the information that is available in this website.

mapIf you look closely, you will notice the colours of the flag of India which includes saffron, green and white. The chakra is the blue background. The image is the map of Pallavaram drawn by Rudy Britto, who is also living in Australia.

Enjoy the journey and let me know if you would like to edit or add to the information.

Ken Bird