Hello and welcome to my website. There is a page about me (yawn!) and another describing some of the websites I have designed and assisted a client in designing. I have a wicked sense of humour which is reflected in my writings when I travel. Do I have your attention? Good! Read on. Get to know me and when you are ready, make contact and let me assist you to realise your creative ability as it affects your website and its design.

Website Statistics

googleanalyticsEver wondered how many hits your website gets and from where? Which pages are the most popular? Can my website be optimised for search engines? Much of this can be accomplished through the use of Google Analytics for your website. I can manage this for a single fee that I charge when I host your website. That single fee includes Google Analytics and the reports are very enlightening. Clients have a view of what they would like their website to be and the outcome can be quite different because the people that look at your website have different expectations.

intaserve2Your domain is the name of your website. However it does not need to be and can be other names as well. It is important to choose a domain name that relates to the type of business you are in so that search engines will find you much more easily. I can manage the purchase of your domain name and its renewal.

hostgator4I make it a condition that all websites built by me are managed by me. Clients see the benefit immediately when websites are able to be updated very quickly resulting in considerable savings in time and costs. All my websites are hosted with Hostgator.com. Regrettably there is a declining demand for HTML and Flash websites with hosting starting from a very reasonable $80 per year. WordPress.org websites hosting starts from $200 per year. Think about what you get for your wordpress website hosting fee – weekly updates to plugins and the entire site is backed up week by week. If the site requires some adjustment I just go ahead and do that. If issues arise I get in touch.

cmsSadly “html design” and to some extent “flash design” is becoming a thing of the past. The majority of websites are designed in “wordpress.org” which offer a range of opportunities for design and content. You will hear about CMS which stands for content management system. Websites built with cms are capable of being edited by the small business owner without intervention of the website designer. It makes good business sense to have a cms website with costs starting from $1200.00. This designer favours WordPress as the cms system of choice because it is very user-friendly.

Build Your Own Website
websiteYou can build your own website with my assistance through one-on-one tutorials charged on a hourly basis at a very affordable fee. If you think that you would like to do that, contact me and explore the possibility. You will have the benefit of my experience at a fraction of the time it takes for you to gain that knowledge. The cost of your own website will also be considerably less. Consider the possibilities. I have being doing this with a number of recent clients and the outcome has been very positive because the cleint is much better informed about websites and wordpress.